Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle The golden eagle is one of the best-known birds of prey in the Northern Hemisphere and It is a bit smaller than the bald eagle.
The golden eagle is orange and black.It also has big  wings And Large talons. The golden eagle Lives in Asia, North America and Mexico. They make nests  in the trees. The Eat Meat, for example birds, fish and large insects.
People are the main predators of the Golden Eagle.  Grizzly bears eat the Baby chicks.
Life cycle of a Golden eagle -Egg, Chick, Adult Bird.
The Golden eagle is the National symbol of Mexico.  The Golden eagle Lives for 20 years.
The golden eagle is unique because it is a cool predator and it can kill foxes and eats dead animals.

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If I went back  to 1930 I would bring them a trampoline something fun kids can when they finish school because I think it would give them something do on the weekends because back then didn't plenty of thing to do if I really think about I probably think that the kids just do chores or play ball By CJ and Dominic

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